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House Refurbishment London

Give your home a new lease of life with Made Construction Simple. Whether you are looking to extend your living room or backyard, we are proud to offer a wide range of options to add architectural design and functionality to your home. Considering the soaring rent and house prices in London, adding an extension to your existing property home is a practical and affordable option.


With over four decades of combined experience, let us develop a suitable extension plan to make the most of your property. Adding an extension to your home not only infuses new life into the property but also creates space for a growing family and enhances property value. 


Understandably, any kind of construction or remodelling can disrupt your everyday life. We give our clients a timeframe and stick to it. You can rest assured that your extension will be completed on time and within budget.

beautiful house extension design services England

Beautiful House Extension Design Services London

beautiful house extension design services England

Cost-Effective Beautiful House Extension Design Services London

Your Living space only looks good when filled with the things that you like. Made Construction Simple has come up with an exclusive offer of beautiful house extension design services specifically in England, just for you. With our thought-inducing extension design templates and your space, we promise, we can do wonders.

From Empty to Exclusive:- beautiful house extension design services London

We have extension designs for your backyard to your top floor, to even your garage. Our extension services England for your beautiful house will start working the minute you will contact us through our website. You can also go through all the house extension designing services that we provided to our earlier clients and you will not be disappointed.


We also deal in loft conversions in case you want an extension of your drawing room to any other adjoining room. We also deal in landscapes that can make your beautiful home look even more beautiful by adding in the required greenery and creating a serenading environment. 

Our Promise of beautiful house extension design services London

The quality that we provide with our beautiful house extension design services in England is one the best in the country and no compromise is done on that. Made Construction Simple promises of giving your beautiful house such an extension design service that it will not only compliment your style but also the locality.


Convert those extra rooms with our beautiful house extension design services England into a living space that gets appreciated with each look. You can start your extension conversion process by visiting our website and filling the form, that will provide a rough estimate for your house transformation and then you will be contacted by our service team for further follow-up.


So the wait is over, with our help and your ideas, get our beautiful house extension design service England at your doorstep.

How Does it Work?

Second, it takes time for us to realize precisely what you want and why. Our mission is to build the home of your imagination, so Julian needs to consider how you want to live in and use the room so that your extension fits well with your lifestyle and routine. 
To ensure that the concept has been properly considered so that there are no surprises later, Julian will ask you a lot of questions.

He would also ensure that it runs from a realistic and usable point of view and that it is stable and structurally sound. 

He'll then survey your house and draw up the new structure. When that's completed, he'll come back with a recommended framework for you to analyze, debate, and accept when you're satisfied.

He'll tell you at the design stage if you will require planning permission. If it is essential, then he will make sure that you understand the procedure and then take you step-by-step through it. If you wish to skip the inconvenience, he may also present the application on your behalf. 

Julian will also consider the effect of any surrounding drains, and if appropriate, apply the plans on your behalf to the water board.

Working with our licensed structural engineer who will do all the required structural calculations is the next step. We only work with suppliers whom we know and trust, which is how our excellent reputation in our region has been established. Julian will closely liaise with the structural engineer, saving you time and hassle while also ensuring that our Ambassador standard is up to the end result.

Finally, to ensure that there are no unforeseen delays during or even long after the construction, Julian would ensure that anything is done to comply with the requisite building codes, party wall agreements, etc.

Simply Extend’s London Home Extension Design and Planning Services

We will assist you any step of the way, whether you are looking for an all-new house extension in North London, a two-story rear home extension in South London, a side-return house extension in West London, a regular house extension in East London, or even a complete apartment upgrade. Based on the requirements, we draw up extension plans to ensure that our work is completely consistent with construction codes and planning for the council. 

Your dedicated project manager will be available to address any questions you might have along the way and frequent development meetings will guarantee that you still know what's going on in your project for London house extensions.

Get In Touch Today To Start Your London Home Extension

All you have to do is dial 020 3603 6438 if you and your family will benefit from a better quality living room. We will be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation site survey to show you how breath-taking and beneficial your Simply Extend home extension could be.

Need peace of mind added? Our 10-year warranty includes all of our house extensions in London. On completion of your project, we provide all the necessary certification and documents.

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