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House Painters & Decorators London

While structural integrity and functionality are important aspects of any home, painting and decorating play a crucial role in creating a memorable first impression. Made Construction Simple offers a customised house decorating service in London. Whether your interiors need a fresh look or a complete transformation, we are happy to bring your vision to life. 


Are you confused about what designs and colours will work best for your property? We have a wealth of knowledge about materials and techniques to help you make the best choice for your residential or commercial property. Our team of professional house decorators effectively carry out every step of the process. From the initial consultation to understanding your requirements to choosing suitable materials, we ensure a timely and hassle-free experience. 


As reputable decorators, we make sure that every project we undertake is completed according to the highest standards. We are proud to offer high-quality painting and decorating services at competitive prices.

Express Yourself Through Painting & Decorating Services England Exclusively Available

Made Construction Simple is one of the leading painting and decorating companies in England, offering the best-customized painting and decorating solutions for your home in England. Our aim is to provide a service that will enhance the appearance and operation of your property, and strengthen your brand within the marketplace.

We have collaborated with many firms, including specialist floor paint contractors, as a paint manufacturer and supplier, and we figured an ultimate list of UK painters and decorators could come in handy. Made construction simple hire highly skilled and experienced painters and decorators to work with care and diligence. Not only do they provide high-quality expert home decorating services that clients expect, our team always ensure occupants experience minimal disruption possible and are safeguarded from live working areas.


The world is changing at a fast pace, so you need to keep on upgrading not only your skills but your space as well. It is said by prominent psychologists that by working in an appropriately painted and decorated room, one’s productivity increases. Hence, Made Construction Simple has brought for you an out-of-this-world collection of painting and decorating services in England that will keep your spirits in the highest level of serenity.

Painting & Decorating Services England
Painting & Decorating Services England
Painting & Decorating Services England

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High Quality Painting Decorating Services London

We are professional residential and commercial decorators who paint and decorate inside and outside, including detailed or light planning, cleaning, or high-class finishes. From small bungalows to wide blocks of flats, schools, churches, or even industries, we deal with projects.


Made construction simple offers a wide range of painting solutions to suit the specific needs of the environment.

The scope of our painting and decorating service in England offering includes (but is not limited to): -

  • Internal and external decoration

  • Cyclical painting services

  • Pre-paint repair services

  • Specialist coatings

  • Commercial wallpapering

  • Commercial and industrial painting services

  • Commercial painting & decorating

  • UPVC fascia and soffit replacement

  • UPVC washdowns

  • Masonry and ironwork painting

  • Wood staining and varnishing

  • Preservation of heritage properties


Made Construction Simple delivers comprehensive painting & decorating services in England, working to the highest quality standards in the industry; whether it's just a single room or an entire house, we take care of all the preparation, application, and finishing, so all you need to do is enjoy the finished room.

With over a decade of experience working across the region, we have successfully completed thousands of projects for home interior painting and decorating, receiving some of the highest ratings in the industry of paint and decoration.

Why choose Made Construction Simple for Painting & Decorating Services England?

Made Construction Simple undertakes a wide variety of jobs within the painting & decorating industry. Not only do we specialize in decorating homes and offices of all sizes inside and out, but we are also experienced in painting restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

In addition to these services, we have experts in our team who specialize in hand painting & decorating services London and kitchen cabinets. Along with the kitchen walls, we can give your old kitchen units and cabinets a full makeover!

Areas of Expertise

Professionalism: We understand the importance of maintaining professional standards on-site at all times and have a proven Health and Safety record.

Expertise: Made Construction Simple England achieve the desired high quality and most effective finish to ensure the longevity of the works As a professional painting & decorating services England contractor we adapt and update our practices in line with evolving technologies and techniques in the painting & decorating services England.

Flexibility: Made Construction Simple England is able to alter our best practice to the required finish, size, location, timescales, and budget of your project. Once the project has commenced we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in schedules, planning, or just a change of heart.

Customer Service: Made Construction Simple England prides us on providing a reliable and efficient service. Our priority is to build mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

High-quality Painting & Decorating Services England – with a smile!

As a company, providing a trusting and understanding environment for our clients is an essential part of our ethos. Our team of professional and friendly painters and decorators make this possible; we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. 

Our painters and decorators are meticulous and efficient, delivering high-quality results meeting and exceeding your expectations with a smile. These are key characteristics that M&R Painting Contractors is based on.


Moreover, we ensure that all staff have extensive experience in painting & decorating services in England and are qualified to NVQ standards. We invest funds and encourage all staff to progress their skills.

Contact Made Construction Simple for high-quality painting & decorating services England, building, kitchen, and bathroom design services in England.

Read the general Frequently Asked Questions regarding Kitchen and Bathroom design services in England.

Quality, booking, and Pricing of Painting Services England


As we are based in London, hence our working grounds can reach all over England. Our booking procedures are very simple as it only requires you to contact us on our website under the name Made Construction Simple or via e-mail.


Our website also provides a forum, which on filling can give you an estimate about your whole painting & decorating services England expending and our service team will contact you for further information. The quality that we serve is top-notch and justifies the pricing of work we do.


We not only provide you our template designs but are also ready to listen to your ideas regarding any job. Hence, giving customer’s demands the highest priority.   So, book or estimate your living spaces right now, to know the price of change that will be bringing in higher motivation, peace, and tranquility in your life.


With our painting & decorating services England, let your imagination be put into colors and things.

Trusted Painting & Decoration Services in England & the Home Counties

We are renovating and improving people's homes and workplaces, and we have offices in England, but we're never too far removed from where we're decorating. We include areas as far south as Guilford, west as Heathrow, east as Croydon, and north as Finchley, in addition to all of London.

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